Catechists in South Sudan play a fundamental role, which goes beyond the religious field. They are in fact fundamental in the realization of many humanitarian projects, offering services and closeness to the people who live in the most outlying places of the Rumbek diocese. They are also the first promoters of peace in the communities: this is why they need continuous training on the issues of peace-bulding and conflict management.

Although working in extremely difficult conditions, the over 500 catechists of the Rumbek diocese are serving their lives with generosity and dedication. What they need on their way is support in their formation and in the resources necessary for the sustenance of their families.



  • offer 20 catechists from the Rumbek diocese the opportunity for a formative training in leadership
  • give them the pastoral tools and managerial skills necessary to effectively serve local communities. The training will include lectures, workshops and practical sessions and will take place at the PALICA center (pastoral-liturgical-catechetical center) of Rumbek.



The Pastoral Department of Rumbek Catholic diocese is responsible for providing for the needs of the religious and catechists present in the diocesan territory: medical care, training, transport, basic services in parishes-missions, support in the development, implementation and administration of pastoral projects.