What we do

“Over Sud Sudan…

Together with our partners we care about the needs of South Sudanese children, young people and women. We listen to the most needy and plan strategies that promote sustainable development over time within their communities.

We face the enormous challenges that sadly mark this African region – war, hunger, refugees, lack of infrastructure – and engage every day in initiatives for education, health and human promotion, but also to assist populations in the emergency.

We believe taht gaining awareness of the events that are affecting South Sudan (and that in many cases are left out of the media agenda) is the first sign of concrete solidarity.
Thanks to the organization of events and the promotion of campaigns and initiatives in Italy, with the involvement of schools, institutions, companies, we can be the voice of those who have no voice. Not only for South Sudan, but also for the weaker sectors of Italian society.

Intervention fields

We operate in Italy and abroad for common goals.

Women and education

Adult literacy


Food security


Rights and development

In South Sudan

We face enormous challengese – war, hunger, refugees, lack of infrastructures – committing ourselves every day with our local partners in development programs aiming at improving education, healthcare, economic and social sustainability of communities, access to food and water, humanitarian assistance in emergencies.

In Italy

CESAR supports the development of humanitarian projects in South Sudan also through the sale of fair trade products and artefacts made by local social cooperatives.

There are two shops and an e-commerceknown as Warawara shops: they offer its visitors a wide range of products, ranging from crafts to clothing, foodstuffs, cosmetics and accessories.

In this way WaraWara involves the local territory in a new sensibility towards international solidarity, favoring small changes in the daily lifestyle. Furthermore, it creates bridges of fraternity between the North and the South of the world, coming out of a logic of assistance and fostering alternative and sustainable models of economy.